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August 13, 2007 Review

Reviews of The Echo Maker, Keep it Together, 200+tips, tricks, lists, and solutions for everyday life, Young at Heart, 120 Things You Can Do Right Now to Give Your Older Dog a Longer, Healthier Life .

Reading Recommendations

Submitted by Nancy Bannister

August 13, 2007

The Echo Maker, a novel by Richard Powers

Set against the Platte River’s massive spring migration, The Echo Maker,  is a gripping mystery that explores the impoverished human self and the even more precarious brain that splits us from and joins us to the rest of creation.

The Echo Maker: A Novel Cover

On a winter night on a remote Nebraska road, twenty seven year old Mark Schluter flips his truck in a near fatal accident.  His older sister, Karin, his only near kin, returns reluctantly to their hometown to nurse Mark back from a traumatic head injury.  But when he emerges from a protracted coma, Mark believes that this woman, who looks, acts, and sounds just like his sister, is really an imposter.  Shattered by her brother’s refusal to recognize her, Karin contacts the cognitive neurologist Gerald Weber, famous for his case histories describing the infinitely bizarre world of brain disorders.  Weber recognizes Mark’s condition as a rare case of copgras syndrome, the delusion that people in one’s life are doubles or imposters, and eagerly investigates.

What he discovers in Mark slowly undermines even his own sense of being.  Meanwhile, Mark, armed with only a note left by an anonymous witness, attempts to learn what happened the night of his inexplicable accident.  The truth of that evening will change the live of all three beyond recognition.

And, Keep it Together, 200+tips, tricks, lists, and solutions for everyday life, by Kristen M. Lagatree

In today’s world if you’re juggling a career, a home, and a social life, chances are you have more balls in the air than you can catch.  Keep it Together can help.  With hundreds of how-to’s that cover every aspect of life, this book gives you step by step instructions on everything from stocking a pantry to buying stocks.  From finding a physician to healing a friendship.  Other topics include: Avoid common home accidents-Write an effective complaint letter-Organize your workspace-Stock a bar-Choose a health club you’ll actually use-Master the art of sleep-Burglar proof your home-Get on a fully booked flight-Work a room-Prepare for small claims court-Prevent identity theft-Negotiate like a pro-Help a grieving friend- Maintain a car-Avoid calling a repairman-Calculate your net worth-Prepare for a babysitter-Get ready for a move-and much more.

And this one those of us who are pet lovers will eventually have to face, Young at Heart, 120 Things You Can Do Right Now to Give Your Older Dog a Longer, Healthier Life by David Alderton.

As your dog ages, he needs change from his puppy days.  What he eats, how much exercise he gets, even the place where he sleeps can make a difference in his quality of life.   Young at Heart provides the reader with essential information you need about nutrition, exercise, behavior training, common illnesses, and more to keep your older canine friend active and healthy for years to come.

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