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Genealogy Index: Smith

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Last NameFirst/MiddleOther InformationMaiden NameIssueYearPageCommentCemetery
SmithA. J. (Joe)29-Jan1981p. 2of PortlandSan Patricio Mem Gardens
SmithA.J.8-Jan1948p. 5Richland Spring Col.
SmithA.J. (Joe)23-Jan1981p. 4of Portland, TXSan Patricio Mem Gardens
SmithAlbert7-Sep1944p. 1in France
SmithAlbert Glen21-Jan1971p. 4at Pasadena
SmithAndy  8-Jan1948p. 6Bowser Col.
SmithAndy Peter8-Jan1948p. 1of LockerRichland Springs
SmithAnna E.widow of ByronHall31-Mar2005p. 2at ArlingtonResthaven, Brady
SmithAnne L.Gober19-Jul2007p. 2at BrownwoodHolt
SmithAnnie LauraRobinson11-Apr1957p. 5Harmony Ridge
SmithBessie13 mo. old dau. of Albert9-Feb1900p. 1Salt Branch
SmithBo 1-Mar2007p. 2of Richland SpringsCowboy 
SmithBoog3-Sep1998p. 2in SeguinSan Saba City
SmithC. E., Mrs.22-Mar1934p. 6of LlanoLlano
SmithCalvin M.15-Feb1951p. 1at San Sabaat Mullin
SmithCarolynSmith29-Mar2007p. 2of Odessa
SmithCarrie15 years old12-Apr2001p. 2at LlanoSan Saba City
SmithChad A.9-Jan1997p. 2San Saba City
SmithCharles Douglas20-Jan2000p. 2of Lake ColemanGrape Creek
SmithCharles W.murdered by hangingFeb1954p. Down Memory Lane Col.
SmithCharlie Houston31-Jul1952p. 3of San SabaChina Creek
SmithClara B.Jackson14-Dec2000p. 2at LlanoSan Saba City
SmithClarice, Miss5-Jan1939p. 21938 death list
SmithClydeson of Perry30-May1907p. 2col. 4
SmithCora E.Wood12-Feb1948p. 5Richland Springs Ft. Worth
SmithD. H., Rev.6-May1898p. 4County
SmithDamon M.5-Oct2000p. 2at San AngeloComanche Co.
SmithDavid L.31-Jan2002p. 2at Austinat Goldthwaite
SmithDavid Pike5-Jan1939p. 21938 death list
SmithEdith MalindaColburn3-Nov1966p. 10Mrs. ForrestCity
SmithEffie MayMrs. William JosephOliver3-Feb2005p. 2of San SabaHarmony Ridge
SmithElbert5-Jan1939p. 21938 deaths col.
SmithElbert W.2-Aug1962p. 5Harmony
SmithElizabeth25-Nov1943p. 1card of thanks
SmithEllaMrs. Green B.Lane8-Apr1920p. 3Richland Springs
SmithEllaMrs. Green B.Lane8-Apr1920p. 6card of thanks
SmithElmer R.13-Mar1997p. 2of LlanoLlano City
SmithEmma E.6-Apr1944p. 8at HoustonHarmony Ridge
SmithEula AnnFry27-Dec1984p. 2of San SabaSan Saba City
SmithEula Robertaaged 101Jones1-Sep2005p. 2of HallettsvilleSan Saba City
SmithF. M.28-Mar1912p. 2at Lometa
SmithFloyd24-Mar1949p. 1
SmithGailyianPatton20-Aug1998p. 2in AustinHarmony Ridge
SmithGeorge A., Dr.11-Jan1973p. 5of BryanSan Saba City
SmithGeorge F.10-Nov1966p. 7of San AngeloSan Angelo
SmithGeorge Spencer22-Jul1954p. 10of Richland SpringsRichland Springs
SmithGladys, Missdau of B.F.12-Aug1920p. 1of Elm Groveat Milburn
SmithH. H. (Mrs.)29-Jun1922p. 8
SmithH. H. (Mrs.)lots of info but not nameRussell10-Aug1922p. 7In Memorium
SmithH. W.23-Mar1944p. 6card of thanks
SmithH. W. Watt23-Mar1944p. 4at LampasasBend
SmithHenry "Bea"20-Sep1945p. 1at Mullin
SmithHenry H.17-Oct1918p. 1I.O.O.F
SmithIsaac M.10-Jun1898p. 4Resolution of Respect
SmithJ. A., Mrs.10-Nov1938p. 7at BradyChina Creek
SmithJ. E. (Blind)out of town funeral atten24-Jun1948p. 9Richland Springs Col.
SmithJ. W. Ketchum15-Jun1933p. 4China Creek
SmithJ. W., Grandmothermother of Buddy8-Jun1933p. 3China Com.  News
SmithJ.R.**infant of14-Mar1940p. 3(News) Northwest Col.Locker
SmithJ.R.**infant of14-Mar1940p. 4(News)Locker
SmithJ.R., Mrs.1-May1924p. 3Cherokee Col.Chappel
SmithJ.S., Mrs.1-May1924p. 5Chappel
SmithJack, Mrs.Parkhill2-Oct1969p. 2of LlanoSan Saba City
SmithJames H.20-Jan1899p. 1SuicideSpring Creek
SmithJames Ira24-Dec1945p. 1plane crashHarmony Ridge
SmithJames M.2-Nov1972p. 2at LlanoPontotoc
SmithJames Madison"Jimmie"6-Oct1977p. 2of Richland SpringsRichland Springs
SmithJamima13-Apr1944p. 1at Nolan
SmithJesseMrs. E. W.Williams28-Jun1962p. 2Funeral Attendees
SmithJesseMrs. E. W.Williams28-Jun1962p. 3Harmony
SmithJesse Enoch10-Jun1948p. 1at WacoRichland Springs
SmithJim5-Jan1939p. 21938 death list
SmithJim16-Jan1936p. 3Locker Column (STAR)Mesquite
SmithJim25-Jun1914p. 4Resident of Salt BranchHanna
SmithJim27-Oct1938p. 1at BradyChina Creek
SmithJim A.27-Oct1938p. 1STARChina Creek
SmithJohn A.27-Jul1933p. 4of RochelleRochelle
SmithJohn A., Mrs.aunt to W. A. Smith13-Jan1949p. 6at Rochelle
SmithJohn Sorell7-Apr1988p. 2at Seton Hosp.China Creek
SmithJohn W.2-Jan1919p. 1of China CreekChina Creek
SmithKatiedau. of Mrs. J.H.19-Apr1901p. 4of Spring Creek
SmithKatie MaeGalloway24-Jan2002p. 2at LlanoHillcrest
SmithL. B.26-Oct1939p. 3Harmony Ridge
SmithLavernFelts20-Jan2000p. 2at Copperas CoveHarmony Ridge
SmithLillian (Polly)Newby28-Dec2006p. 2of Richland SpringsCowboy 
SmithLloyd Gordon13-Jan2000p. 2at KilleenHarmony Ridge
SmithLloydeneWilliamson22-Feb1968p. 7Cherokee News
SmithLois MarieMrs. Leon Haley26-Feb2004p. 2 at BrownwoodRichland Springs
SmithM. B., Mrs.5-Jan1939p. 21938 deaths col.
SmithMadison19-Mar1881p. 3Col. 1
SmithMargaret JeanetteWooten4-Jul2002p. 2of LampasasSmith, at School Creek
SmithMary Angelina25-Jun1936p. 1at Georgetown
SmithMary Annwidow of Isaac M.Oglesby11-May1922p. 2at Algerita
SmithMary Margaret(Mrs. L.O.)Ashby26-Dec1935p. 1Locker columnOld Algerita
SmithMary PearlSimon30-Jan2003p. 2of San SabaHillsdale, Lampasas Co.
SmithMinnie AnnMrs. W. I.24-Aug1944p. 8Magnolia, Ark.Magnolia, Ark.
SmithMr.Mrs. Mays' nephew16-Apr1942p. 1at Big Lake
SmithMrs.21-Apr1944p. 7card of thanks
SmithMrs. Whit17-Jan1918p. 2at Arlington
SmithNeldaHightower1-Jun2000p. 2of AustinHarmony Ridge
SmithNelson H.14-Mar1918p. 5Richland Springs Col.Locker
SmithNettieMrs. L. C.Rice30-Oct1969p. 2of GarlandGreenleaf, Brownwood
SmithNyla ElizabethMrs. ErnestMcDaniel15-Sep1938p. 4at BradyWallace Creek
SmithOgden22-Aug2002p. 2of Richland SpringsCowboy Cemetery
SmithOgden29-Aug2002p. 2of Richland SpringsCowboy Cemetery
SmithP.C. "Cirero"30-May1940p. 4th(News)Terry
SmithPatricia AnnFontenot20-May2004p. 2at Lafayettein Carencro
SmithPearl Lee8 yrs 7 mon30-Mar1905p. 4Vital Statistics Column
SmithPerry30-May1907p. 2at Bronte
SmithPhillip J.[James]11-Jul2002p. 2of MercuryHolt
SmithR. B.18-Oct1906p. 2vet. of Ector's TX Brgd.
SmithRobert L.31-Mar1988p.15at San AngeloRochelle
SmithRubijeandau. of W.A.26-Mar1914p. 3
SmithRubijeandau. of W.A.26-Mar1914p. 3card of thanks
SmithRubyHarrison30-Sep1971p. 3in BrownwoodRichland Springs
SmithSarah Jeanetta20-Dec1951p. 10of San SabaChina Creek
SmithSidnew, Capt21-Mar1912p. 1at Dallas
SmithSilas J.M.2-Oct2003p. 2of San SabaSan Saba City
SmithThomashus.of Lucille Russell29-Jul1948p. 5at Colorado City
SmithTina C.Sanford24-Apr2003p. 2at CastrovilleRichland Springs
SmithVelma(Mrs. E.M.)Oliver4-Jan1918p. 7at Ft. Worth
SmithVernon (Big John)21-Sep2006p. 2of San SabaCowboy 
SmithVirgie A.Daniels27-Feb2003p. 2at San AngeloCowboy (McCulloch Co)
SmithW. Earl22-Feb1945p. 1of DallasDallas
SmithW. I.31-Oct1907p. 3In Memoriam
SmithW. J.5-Feb1925p. 3of Pecan GroveHarmony Ridge
SmithW. J.5-Feb1925p. 6card of thanks
SmithW. J.county commissioner5-Feb1925p. 3of Pecan GroveHarmony Ridge
SmithW. K.21-Sep1944p. 1in San Sabain Dallas
SmithW. Paddock22-Mar2007p. 2of San SabaHillcrest
SmithWes13-Sep1928News Article
SmithWill28-Nov1935p. 3Bend Column
SmithWilliam Perry11th MO Cav. Confed.17-Aug1922p. 8 long detailed obit
SmithWillie BellMrs. A.D.Frizzell29-Jul2004p. 2at LlanoSan Saba City
SmithWm L.19-Sep1907p. 1
Smith Harmon13-Aug1914p. 4Auto accidentCherokee
Smith J. D.9-Jan1936p. 3Locker Column (NEWS)
Smith S. L. [Samuel]3-Sep1914p. 5near MasonCherokee
SmithhartArchie19-Mar1908p. 4of Wallace CreekWallace Creek
SmithhartMiles1-Aug1907p. 1of Wallace CreekWallace Creek
SmithhartOwen19-Mar1908p. 4of Wallace CreekWallace Creek
SmithwickCloma30-Mar1989p. 2of San Saba
SmithwickEmma A.Medlock25-Jan1973p. 2at Jacksboro
SmithwickJ. S., Mrs.6-Mar1941p. 1(News) of San SabaSan Saba City
SmithwickNancy J.Clark8-Apr2004p. 2at Pueblo, COSan Saba City
SmithwickTony24-Jun1999p. 2San Saba City
SmithwickVedaMrs. LewisWinslow3-Jan1985p. 2of MarlinSan Saba City
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